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"I'm Cumming" in different languages

Taken from http://www.lpsg.org/109012-how-do-you-say-im.html:

1. Language
2. Phrase in that language equivalent to "I'm cumming"
3. Literal translation in English.


1. Portuguese from Brasil
2. "Vou gozar"..."estou quase gozando"..
3. I am to come..I am almost cumming..


1. Dutch
2. Ik ga spuiten
3. I'm going to spray


"ich komme"
"I'm cumming"


Geliyorum! [geh-leh-yoh-room] - I'm coming!
Geliciğim! [geh-leh-jeh-eem] - I'm going to come!


1) Japanese
2) "eeku" or "eeku so"
3) Literally, "I'm going" or "I'm about to go"


1) French
2) Je m'en viens - or - je vais jouir
3) Litteral: I'm coming/cumming - or - I will cum


Other Sexxy/Funny Words and Phrases in Japanese:

Anata no chin chin wa totemo chiisai.
Translation: "Your dick is very small."

Chin chin oishii desu.
Translation: "Your dick is yummy."

(the following is from http://www.asstr.org/~cobalt_jade/INFO/Japslang.html)

-Ass: Ketsu/Oshiro (normal use)/Shippeta ("buttocks"/"buns")
-Asshole (anatomic slang): Ketsu no ana/Kusottare (literally, "Shit-drip")
-Balls, Testicles: Kintama (golden balls)
-Breasts, Tits: Mune, oppai, chichi
-Dildo: Baibu/Dendou-kokeshui (Almost all Japanese dildos are motorized)
-Dirty Old Man: Ero-jiji, Ero-oyajii
-Erection, becoming hard: Tento-wo-haru (Make his penis hard and lift up his pants like a tent.)
-Erection: Pin. This is a playful term. "Binbin-daze" is an affectionate name meaning "Mr. Boing Boing" in reference to a young man's penis that is always on the verge of erection.
-Facial: Seisui-purei
-Fellatio: Kyande (from candy); fera, ofera; fuefuki; shakuhachi (from old style Japanese flute)
-Fuck me!: Hamete chodai! (please put on)/Irete! (Insert)
-Fuck me hard! Fukaku hamekonde chodai!/Uuume Mecyakucya ni shite!
-"I'm coming!": Iku...Iku!
-Jerkoff: Masutabeshan (from masturbation)/Masu-wo-kaku
-Lesbian Sex: Kaiawase (literally, cunt-grinding)/Rezuru
-Masturbation, general: Hitorigokko (self-play)/Hitori-ecchi (self-sex)
-Masturbation, male: Senzuri (a hundred rubs)/Shiko shiko
-Masturbation, female: Manzuri (ten thousand rubs)/Suichi o ireru (flicking the switch, or fingering a clit)/Onaru (play on onanism)
-Penis: Chinchi, chinko, chimpo, chimpoko (cute terms analogous to pecker, dick, willy, or wee-wee)
-Pervert: Hentai/Chikan (men who fondle women on Japan's notoriously crowded commuter trains)
-Prostitute: Pan-pan (used by GHQ)/Abazure (literally, "saucy old woman" but has a modern reading as a noisy slut)/Baita (means sale-woman, or whore)/Yoruno-Onna (Night-girl)/Yotaka (Nighthawk)
-Pussy, Cunt:Omanko, omeko, manko/Haka ("Box." This is self explanatory. A local slang.)
-Rape: Gokan
-Raunchy: Eroi (from erotic)/echi (From H, the first letter of hentai.)
-Schoolgirl: Kogal. A "high school gal" who is willing to trade sex for money./Jyogakusei. A normal schoolgirl.
-Sex: Ecchi (again from "H.")
-Sex Tape: Ero kasetto
-Sex Slave: Joro (woman sold into prostituition)
-Sixty-nine: Ainame/Shikusu-nine (from English)
-Slut: Yariman. Means "Doing-it Manko" or "10,000 time doing-it." Well known as one of the dirtiest words in Japan. Unlikely to see in print.
-Spank: Oshiri o butsu/tataku (normal use)/Ketu-bann (ass-bang)/Shiri-tataki (hit ass)
-Stud: Iro otoko
-Training (sexual): Chokyo
-Transexual: Futanari
-Tit-fuck: Paizuri
-Urine shower: Gan-men Shawaa

(taken from http://www.languagerealm.com/japanese/japaneseslang.php)
These are just the "A's"

[あかいうま, akai uma] vagina (lit.: red horse; n.b.: a horse with a dark reddish coat will be called an akai uma in Japanese).

[あかがい, akagai] vagina of an adolescent girl or young woman (lit.: red clam).

[あかん, akan] no; forbidden; don’t.

[あげまん, age-man] easy lay (student slang; n.b.: also refers to a woman who helps her husband succeed).

[あげる, ageru] vomit; puke; upchuck (lit.: raise, lift, give).

[あごをだす, ago o dasu] give up; give in.

[あさまん, asa-man] morning sex (lit.: morning fuck, where "man" is abbreviated from "manko", cunt).

[あさり, asari] vagina or an adolescent girl or young woman (lit.: short-necked clam).

[すねにきず, sune ni kizu] have a guilty conscience.

[あじわう, ajiwau] have sex (lit.: taste, savor).

[あそこ, asoko] vagina (lit.: that over there).

[あそこのけ, asoko no ke] public hair; bush (n.b.: used only for women's pubic hair).

[あたまにくる, atama ni kuru] be angry; become angry; get pissed.

[あだるとちるどれん, adaruto chirudoren] adult children.

[あつあつ, atsu-atsu] being passionately in love (lit.: hot hot).

[あつあつになる, atsu atsu ni naru] fall in love (lit.: become hot hot).

[あついもの, atsui-mono] semen (lit.: hot things).

[あつかましい, atsukamashii] impudent; presumptuous.

[あっしい, asshii] a young man who is ready to go and pick up a girlfriend by car on her simple demand.

[あっしいくん, asshii-kun] a boyfriend who has a car and will act as a chauffeur for his girlfriend (lit.: foot guy; n.b.: used by women in a ranking system).

[あとをたたない, ato o tatanai] endless.

[あな, ana] vagina (lit.: hole).

[あばずれ, abazure] hussy; hooker; whore (n.b.: harsh, vulgar expression).

[あま, ama] broad, bitch (lit.: nun).

[あまとう, amatou] a person who likes sweet foods; having a sweet tooth (lit.: sweet party).

[あまのじゃく, amanojaku] perverse person.

[あれ, are] menstruation; period (lit.: that).

[あれ, are] penis; dick; cock.

[あろおね, oroone] please; if you would (abbreviated form).

[あわび, awabi] large vagina (lit.: abalone).

[あんこ, anko] female role (in a homosexual relationship).

[あんね, anne] menstruation; period (from the name of a Japanese sanitary products producer).

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